Indo-Canadian artist Panchal Mansaram has lived in Canada for over 30 years now. But he has kept in touch with his home land by often visiting his native Rajasthan. During these visits he imbibes pulsating energy its sites and sound. These formulate into ideas for his works. For the past six years Mansaram has been intrigued by a group of natural rock formations on a family property in Mount Abu. He calls it "Mansaram's Art on the Rocks".Mansaram has used rock formations as surface to create in Mixed media.He draws and sketches strange hieroglyphs and figures on the massive boulders and outcroppings.The drawings on the rocks have been documented with photographs which were donated, a few years ago, to the Royal Ontario Museum's department of mineralogy. Mansaram says,"I saw this as a way of transporting the Idea of thte living stones to Canada, Since you cant really transport the physical reality. But then, in a creative moment, I had an exciting inspiration. Why not start with the photographs and enhance them, in a sense turning three-dimensional objects into two-dimensional artworks." So, using all of the advanced technology available to him - xerography, lasergraph printing and digital manipulation, as well as traditional art practises such as college, oil painting and drawing - Mansaram has transformed the photographs into elaborately reworked images. The astonishing art works are as re-structures, layered, fragmented and colourful, as the complex civilization that forms their source. It also resulted in a two man show on the same theme with American artist Arthur Secunda.

Works by the Artist
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