Krishnappa is a versatile artist with a fine line and deep appreciation of idioms. The arabesques of his ‘Mahal’ series that won him national recognition, lead the eyes to dreams as yet un-dreamt. The graceful lines of his ‘Musicians’ and the stark horizons offered in the ‘Landscapes’ series present exquisite contrast in themes and moods. He has an enviable repertoire of techniques that he uses with consummate ease. Over the years, Krishnappa has grown in maturity in his treatment of both subject and spirit. "In my paintings, I have always tried to capture the essence of this rich cultural heritage and diversity. The colors, forms and textures of my composition always reflect the themes and moods celebrated by the folk art forms. I believe it is a great privilege to contribute to a new perspective in what is essentially an ancient art form. My efforts in this field are my own way of paying respect, modestly and humbly, to the rich cultural traditions of this ancient land."

Works by the Artist
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